Pre-Collection Service

A pre-collection service for your delinquent accounts, which results in incredible returns at a very low cost to you.

A flat-fee letter series to motivate slow accounts to settle directly with YOU. This system is designed to save you TIME-Money, and LABOUR by managing your accounts receivable. It is specifically set up to collect your DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS in the 90 DAYS PAST DUE category.

Fill in submission forms

Mail top cop (green) to our office
We input the information into our collection system
2 notices will be generated; and sent 10 days apart
10 days after the final notice is sent; the client is contacted and if the debtor has not paid,
the account can be cancelled or placed for full collection

Debtors are instructed by the notices to contact the client directly
If a debtor pays, simply contact our office and notices are discontinued

This system operates on a one-time flat fee (no commission charge) basis

Minimum purchase of coupons is 15

No collectors are implemented for the pre-collect system

The cost of the service is as follows:

15 pre-collects = 15* 9.75 each = $146.25 + HST 13% ($19.01) = $165.26

51 pre-collects = 51* 9.75 each = $471.75 + HST 13% ($61.32) = 533.07